Friday, 12 August 2011

Illuminati tightening it's grasp on pakistan

As you can see by the name of this article you can guess it involves both Pakistan and Illuminati 
before going any farther,let me tell you what is Illuminati at first Illuminati was a group of scientists and scholars who were seeking shelter from the church because at that time the catholic church did not encourage science art and such things this group was later associated with the Antichrist or Dajjal  and it is said to be controlling our lives all over the world through media bank loans etc.
A triangle is a very important figure in Illuminati symbolism. 
Now lets see what is the situation of Illuminati  in Pakistan.
first of all.


Warid is a telecommunication company that operates in Pakistan take a look at its symbol why did warid telecommunication use an "A" where there should have been a "W" because are not showing an A they want to show us a triangle and the red line which is going through the triangle also has a triangle at the end and their logo also has the word we care written on it but it cannot be seen on this image.
Now what do "we care" for   lets guess we care for the purpose of Illuminati order.

The purpose of Illuminati is one world Government a new world order and please take a look at the image above what do you see one world or one world order and the translation of the words in Urdu is well aware 
Well aware of what.
and a triangle behind the RY 

Both of these banks have a triangle as their symbols well i think you know what that means this means Pakistan is fully controlled by Illuminati that is  all subscribe for more.
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